Hello Old Friend

As I walked along side you this morning, breathing you in, I felt the love still there

Copa Airlines Friendliest Sky Travel

As I was driving down the mountain today a heavy sigh and fond memories meandered through my mind. I saw in the distance,  a Copa Airline jet taking off into

Fontana di Trevi

The stifling heat of Rome in August took my breath away. I exited the train station to the barking sounds of men yelling “American, American!” I promptly

Just Another Castaway

Stark raving lonely is what she felt. What had she gotten herself into this time. As she stepped on to the first boat she would ever work on she had - read more

Band of Gold

There is no better feeling than knowing that where you are, is where you are supposed to be. I have had many moments through out my life when

My Journey to Panama

My journey to Panama started several years ago when some friends of mine retired here. We had at one time been boat neighbors in a few places and rode out - read more

Salt Water Cures Everything

Salt water is what feeds my soul. It soaks into my pours and regenerates every cell in my body. Whether its through the sea or tears or the

Green Water

The destination was south by way of Bermuda. Leaving through the southern entrance to buzzards bay. It was 600 miles to Bermuda and much farther to the more southern islands. - read more

Hawaiian Time

For now I will call her L. She lived and breathed and ached and screamed and laughed til she cried, until

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