Seeking the Collective

Being part of a collective seems to be a topic running through my head today. I have friends and acquaintances that belong to many different

Passing the Torch

Since I’ve been living here in Panama, I have experienced some truly special healing moments. People have simply¬† shown up on my

Where Were You When…..

I will never for get the morning of September 11th 2001. I was in Camden Maine working on a yacht. We were off loading

Twin Flame

Lately I’ve had such a pull on my heart. I am having visions of a man that I’m very connected to. I feel him more and

Deja Vu or Preview ?

This morning Ive been thinking about a vision I keep having. I’m holding an elderly persons hand,a woman I think. I see

The Conflict Within

This is what was going on after the accident and working through therapy. Everyday I would feel and hear what happened, metal on bone


I woke up on July 13th 2013 and this is what I felt and wrote. The word of the day today is

Lady With The Snakes

Before I moved to Panama I wrote this while on my way back to the states from visiting a friend. Words always find their way to me when Im on - read more

The Transition

I’m not wet, but I’m floating Floating with out a face below the sea

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