My Spirit Peeps

Open the pain and see through the other side. Open the fear and

Finding The Blessing

I found this in my scribble binder. I figure I wrote it for a reason. So here it is…

A Mothers Grief

This belongs to Gretchen and Heidi. I feel you both and hope that you will soon feel the peace you so deserve.

Begin Again

It was on this date, 19 years ago that I did exactly that. I began again. My life was taken from me by

A Primitive Place

Coming to be in this place, this jungle, in Central America, has guided me in a way I’d never

Veil of Gray

Waking up this morning was kind of hazy. I was in a dream that went sort of like this….

Tears On The Table

There was a time in my life that I was dealing with the stresses of a legal matter and the break up of a boyfriend of four years. It was - read more

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