Living Out Loud

If there was a way to describe how I have lived my life, it would be living out loud. I haven’t held back my voice or the way I have

In Front Of You

Is it as simple as that? As simple as opening your eyes? Is the soul you most need to connect with right there,

Glass Bubbles

Many years ago I was living and working in the Rhode Island area. I worked for an award-winning bakery called “The Mad Hatter Bakery” at

A Gift

She gave me a gift by letting me go all those years back. My mom, I mean. Even though

Gaia Breathes Fire

Yesterday morning I received word through a friend that there were massive fires moving through the state of Washington. Small towns were being evacuated and

On A Soul Level

There are different levels of a Soul’s existence. Or should I say of a Soul’s awareness and when I hear or see more

Dare To Be You

Forgive me readers for I have sinned, its been days since my last blog post. Just kidding, I have had guests that have

Its All Good

This blog post is what some would say a milestone for me because its my 100th post. Some days I start out thinking I will write about

A Fine Line

There is a fine line between completely letting go of your past and yet holding on to just enough to teach others from your experiences. I am

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