At the Heart of Good and Evil

As he lay on top of me, his leathery wrinkled hands swept under my legs to get me into position. He stayed there on top of me for what seemed

Overalls,Poppies and Sweet Cheeks

My favorite picture in the whole world is a picture of my mom when she is about 2 years old. Its a black and white picture of her dressed in

Shape Shifter Wannabe

This morning was slow moving as I turned the coffee on and thinking to my self, wasn’t this the day I was gonna

Hawaiian Time

For now I will call her L. She lived and breathed and ached and screamed and laughed til she cried, until


She came to , with her face in the dirt and grass. The smell of the earth brought her back from


I woke up on July 13th 2013 and this is what I felt and wrote. The word of the day today is

Split Paths Reunite

I have recently connected with friends from my younger years. Junior high school to be exact. We were all going through so much at the age of preteen to teen - read more

Lady With The Snakes

Before I moved to Panama I wrote this while on my way back to the states from visiting a friend. Words always find their way to me when Im on - read more

Bungle In The Jungle

You never know what the day will bring. I barely got up this morning (stayed up late so I slept late) when I get a call from someone to whom - read more

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