Getting Sideways

Sometimes you get the day and sometimes the day gets you. Last week the whole week got me. There was way too much

A Natural Barrier

Today I am finding it very difficult to stay in the moment and I’m trying not to jump ahead to the next thing coming. Its a cloudy rainy day today. - read more

Brotherly Love

He said he would kill her and she believed him. He was on another drug tear and pissed at the world. They lost their father and their mother was on - read more

Get Out of Your Own Way

Time and time again, I see people trying to to leave the life they know and have grown comfortable with. Though they are feeling the need for change in their - read more

From The Womb

I cringe as I feel the pressure from the fist that came into contact with my mothers pregnant belly. With each blow she received from

The Arrangement

She froze as the hairs stood up on the back of her neck. The detectives entered through the main door of the old pizza place where she worked and headed - read more

Being In the Moment

Time is moving so rapidly its hard to believe that I am almost 5 years in the same place. Its unbelievable to me how

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