Year of Change

In the beginning of every year there are a number of people who make promises to themselves. It’s usually a promise to change

Daddy Was A Cowboy

I’ve had this rolling around in my head for a few weeks. My dad and I didn’t get to know each other the way we had hoped. We only met - read more

Oh So Very Jerry Springer

Every now and then I search on line for some of my relatives. Most are like me, a ghost in the system. There were a total of six

Giving Thanks

Although I find myself on another Thanksgiving day without a Turkey or a family around to make memories with, its still a day I can give thanks. Here is a - read more

The Art of Letting Go

“Don’t be such a stupid child”,  she screamed at me so many years ago. She being my mother was never really

Ashes in the Wind

Today is a strange day. It feels weird like I’m on the verge of something happening and then

Dear Mom…

Its almost 2am and I cant sleep because I’m thinking about you and me. This is the time when I would like to say

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