Would You Stop For Me

After seeing so many upsetting you tube moments about people not showing compassion, I have to say something. Watching video of a

My Girl Sailor

As I sit in front of the key board I’m not sure how to get out of me what I have to say. Saying good-bye is never easy to begin - read more

In My Cave

Its been a very emotional time and I have walked away from my words. That makes me feel like shit. When I am

Its a Thelma & Louise Day

I found myself inches from pulling a Thelma & Louise today with my cat Sailor. It was going to be a simple day today.

Feet Dont Fail Me Now

At this stage in the game Im not really that old. So I’m trying to figure out why I’m creaking so much. Oh yeah,

Liar, Liar

Fabricator,Perjurer or Lying Rat Bastard, you choose what to call it when people say untruths about you or yours. I was going

Opening My Heart to Love

Opening my heart to love is not an easy thing to do. If there is ever anyone who needs confirmation that

New Phase

As I sit here watching the morning come alive on this mountain in Central America, I am bracing my self for

Smiling Eyes

At some point in my early days, maybe 16 or 17, I hooked up with this guy from South Africa by the name of Aiden. He was goofy looking but - read more

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