Now your average person would probably think bucket & chuck it is when you are just tossing  something  in a bucket and then throwing it out. True in some cases unless you are of the sailor type variety. After the “ex” said to me “You’ll never own a boat of your own”, I promptly left him and went and got my own boat. He forgot that when we met I was already working and living on boats and having a boat of my own had always been a dream.  How can somebody so intelligent be so dumb?

So I got rid of the boyfriend and got a boat that needed some fixin. I bought a Union 36 which is basically a Hans Christian 38 minus 2 feet. There is a long drawn out story about the Union 36, but, that’s for another day. So I found myself on “the hard” (this means the boat is out of the water and usually not hooked up to anything  like water and electric etc) in Stuart Florida. I had permission to live on the boat while I was refitting her. She needed a bottom job, new paint, and new bowsprit etc. The list goes on and never stops…its a boat (break out another thousand). So it was really great that I didn’t have to pay for a place to stay while I was working on my boat. However, being on the hard means I can’t fill up the poop tank aka holding tank. So during the day I used the bathroom in the office, which was nice and clean and air conditioned (remember I am in Florida at this point).

However after hours I had to use the crew head (bathroom). Its okay, I’ve seen worse. It is a boat yard after all. In the middle of the night when nature calls, and it always does, I didn’t want to trek across the boat yard in the dark with all of the critters roaming around. There are always critters (rats) in boat yards. I don’t care what anyone says , its true, and if you are lucky they don’t find their way to your boat.

So behold the glorious 5 gallon bucket. Now its not so hard peeing in a bucket, but, getting up before the “Boys” get to work in the boat yard is tricky. Everyone starts early because its cooler and there are always pressing projects. It was difficult enough being the only”chick “in the yard ( I had to earn respect from the boys of course and you know I did) without being made fun of  for strolling  across the yard with a bucket of pee. I did it and never got caught with my hands full. While this was not my favorite potty stop ever, it was  definitely one of the more precarious Potty Stops.