When I first started my guest house in Panama I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea how to run a guesthouse or that type of business. The truth is, my “business sense”sucks but I’m good at taking care of people. I knew nothing about creating websites or running business calendars. I still don’t.

To get my site going I initially went with a website creator that a friend of mine was using. Thinking to myself, this guy wont cheat my friend, he is very connected here and it would be total suicide in the business to try to screw him over. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The website guy not only stole my money but my domain name as well. I am going to censor myself here because I have more than a few choice words for that guy.

I am lucky in a way it didn’t work out because that led me to find, through another friend, the best web guru ever! I found Jennifer King at  www.websitedeity.com . She saved my ass when it came to getting my site for the business up and running. In my situation I was extra lucky because she had past experience in the same business I was running. She had a back office system set up for companies like mine so I couldn’t double book clients. All of that and she spoke the language of computers that I have never been able to understand.

Jennifer is Website Deity, a one woman show, and she has been a savior to me on the next venture I have set out on. Which began with getting my blog site up and running and using social media to keep things moving. An author friend of mine, Sandra Jane Maidwell, got me using Twitter and Jennifer has helped keep me protected in the way of hackers and bots. I utilize the maintenance the company offers so that I am protected. Its like using a total body condom for your website (sorry I couldn’t help myself).

I had no idea how bad the hackers and internet robots are out there in the world-wide web. I’m just gonna say it because I can’t help it, its fucked up what hackers are doing. People are always trying to break into your site no matter what type of business you have. Whether it’s a major record label, real estate company or simple B&B. Jennifer helps to protect you from all the crap that you wouldn’t even normally know about.There is a code language that your average person can’t grasp, but Jennifer, being the Website Deity, she gets it and speaks it very well.

I have had situations where I have needed to run specials to get more business and Jennifer took care of it by sending out flyers and banners. It’s a huge help for any business. The tech world is not something I am interested in. Its complicated in ways I will never be able to understand nor do I want to. By utilizing Jennifer and what she has to offer, it has allowed me to focus on the things that are important to me. She is honest and helpful in a language that I can understand. As a freelance website creator she knows how to deal with clients on every level. Even mine.

Jennifer does not make me feel like an idiot because I don’t speak the language. There is a level of patience that you don’t find just anywhere. Because of the twists and turns that life has given me, I have found myself being dragged (kicking and screaming I might add) into the world of technology. I am so grateful there are still honest people out there. I was very lucky to find Jennifer King aka Website Deity. So here it is on my list of “Best Ever’s” I am placing Jennifer King as Website Deity as the best ever computer and website guru.

I am adding a list of other sites that she has done so you can see what the Deity is capable of. Check them out!