Up until a few months ago I was at a total loss as to how the words to my favorite childhood song went. My friend Jennifer helped me locate the song on the internet. For years I could never remember past the first two lines of the song. I can clearly hear my mom singing this song when I was very little. She sang this song and the Irish Lullaby. That’s the same song that Bing Crosby sang in the movie “The Bell’s of St Mary”. That song always makes me cry. For any of you parents out there, these are the kinds of things your children will remember. Please don’t forget to create some good song memories.

The Chocolate Ice Cream Song

My mama said if Id be good

She’d send me to the store

She said she’d make some gingerbread

If  I would sweep the floor

She said if I would make the bed

And dust the telephone

That she would send me out to buy

A chocolate ice cream cone

And so I did the things she said

And then she made the gingerbread

Then I went out, just me alone

And bought a chocolate ice cream cone

While coming back I stubbed my toe

Upon a big old stone

Now need I tell you that I dropped

My chocolate ice cream cone

A little puppy came along

And took a great big lick

And so I hit that mean old dog

With just a little stick

Then he bit me where I sit down

And he chased me all over town

And now I’m lost cant find my home

And all because of a chocolate ice cream cone.

I do not know the man singing the song but am so grateful he shared it with the world. Its exactly how I remember.