This is for those who have tried in the past and who are trying now to make me disappear.


Does your noise offend me?

Do your lies erode me?

Yes, I feel you trying to chip away

At my very Soul, my very Being

You fear me, I see

You loath my voice of reason

Because you know not what reason is

You do not claim responsibility in your badness

Yet you create more badness everyday

Where is your conscience?

Your sense of right and wrong

All I hear is go away, you don’t belong

You press your loudness into my brain

It hurts so much it drives me insane

Your ego leads you to create more

More drama and lies, like your keeping score

High points for pain and damage along the way

I see it clearly everyday

You want to shut me up, so I’ll go away

My memory is long and my voice runs true

I’ll call you out on your lies when I’m through

Yes your noise offends me and your lies baffle me

But you will never erode my Being, my Soul

I am here, I belong,

So step aside or move along