Its All About The Energy

Energy is the root of all there is to this life and this universe. When we look at our physical bodies, at the very

Im Glad I Stayed

It was only when I realized I had a way out, that I decided to stay. I remember laying on the couch trying to figure out the way I was - read more

The Old Ones

When I moved to the oldest recorded area of the United States I had no idea how welcoming it would be. Its ancient history emotesĀ an

Hello Old Friend

As I walked along side you this morning, breathing you in, I felt the love still there

Rainbows and Roses

Her body is shriveled and her spirit is crouched into a hidden part of her being, that I later found, only comes out to fight.

Beyond The Breaking Point

Everyone has a breaking point. I have gone far beyond my breaking point now and I feel like Michael Douglas from the movie “Falling Down”. I want to take the - read more

Climbing Out Of The Cave

Honestly I can’t believe I made it. I am still breathing and I suppose that’s a start. This past holiday seasonĀ  has been rough for a lot of people. Especially - read more

Stolen Time

While living in Panama I’ve learned the thing most easily stolen, is time. It is stolen everyday without

9 Stamps

Panama is sucking the life out of me. I have no idea how I have made it this long

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