Well…after many years (and life times) of moving around, traveling, experiencing and adventuring in this body of mine, its time to slow it down. I can now teach others from my experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly. My name is Laura but I am known better by my nick name Picasso. I am in my 40 something years and currently living in the jungle in Panama. Yep that’s right, Central America. Where its not uncommon to feed the monkeys and watch the toucans fly across my back yard. I operate a small guest house here along side my two Main Coon cats Sailor and Panama Jack.

To give you an idea of what sort of moving around I have done, by the time I was 14 years old I had already moved 12 times. No I am not a military brat. At 14 years of age I was told to “Get out and never come home”. So that’s what I did. In this blog I will blast into the past every now and then to share with you how I gained the courage and the will to survive. I moved to Hawaii at the age of 17 which I loved because the drinking age was 18. I had already had my fake I.D. way before then. I had drinking down to a “T”, or so I thought. I mostly grew up in the northern California area. A great place to be from, but, for me a place I cant seem to stomach going back to.

Ive had three serious loves in my life and have learned a great deal from each one. While none of them have ever defined me and who I am, they have taught me quite a lot about myself that I otherwise may not have learned. I look forward to the next love of my life, for he will be the last. I can already feel his soul tugging on mine. In this crazy life of mine I have traveled by walking, biking , sailing, flying and training (both euro rail and Amtrack). All of which I will share, along with the daily life stuff that comes my way. I will write about spirituality and near death experiences and whatever else floats my boat at the moment.

Before you go on to read anything else, please understand I cuss like a sailor and write like one too. My grammar sucks and I write like I think, so there is the warning ahead of time. It all comes from the heart and my view from this angle. I hope you join me and share with others. If you pick up something good from my words please share and let me know. I believe its how we move forward in life so lets do this together.